Thanks for the quick reply. Yes it is for personal use only. It is for my mom.      She has had diabetes for 30 years and has been injecting insulin for 15 years.

She is 1.63 m tall and her weight is 88 kg. Her blood sugar level is 9 so very  high. She injects Apirda and Toujeo    every day and takes Forxiga tablets.  

Last year we brought her diabina and the values were so low, it was the best for her. If it is possible I would like to    order it.

Herr Dimitry G


Repsonding to his Mothers Diabetes

September 2020

Customer Testimonial recd

June 30 th 2015 California    

My doctor could not Operate on my Cancer Turmor in my Liver becasue my blood sugar was close to 300. I started taking Diabina and after 7 weeks my blood sugar ws down to 110 so my doctor called me in to operate. Aftger the successful operation my Doctor advised me to continue taking Diabina on a daily basis. Within 10 weeks of my operation my doctor has Cut my dosage of Insulin and Metmorfin by 50%    


   Type II Diabetic case # 0018 on our R&D Page  


Update after Doctor reduce patients Insulin intake and prescribes    Diabina to be continued as a supplement.  

11 th july BS 121  Insulin reduction from 50/45 to 45/40 am/pm

15 th July BS 118 reduction in insulin to 40/35 units am/pm

20 th July BS 108  

Dear Vik,

In Feb of this year, 2015, I started taking Diabina Drink, twice a day. Prior to that, my blood sugars where constantly above 200. Whille taking Diabina I was taking Humilin H Insulin twice a day 50u/40U am/pm. Since  taking Diabina my blood sugar constantly began to drop  which had not happened last yr while I was taking Insulin twice a day. By the end of April       2015 my blood sugar where in the 125/88 range. My Dr. was very happy with the results, he reduced ny Insulin and  wanted me to take Diabina every day and to monitor my  Blood sugar everyday.                                                 

We will stay on Schedule with my Diabeets treatment with Diabina Drink and keep you updated.       

Thank you Vik for introducing me to Diabina Drink. It is a great product and I hope my experience will help others in their Diabetes treatment.       

Regards and God Bless

Sr. xxxxxxxxxx   California USA