One of the original Ayurvedic texts “Charaka Sanhitha” has identified serious ailments under twenty subdivisions which lead to diabetes if they are not treated and are neglected.

Historic records in Greece and China testify that diabetes is a disease which had been diagnosed down the ages. Diabetes has been identified as a disease which is common to both elderly and young persons. It occurs as a result of sugar and starch not being properly absorbed by the body. The two main symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination and passing of urine containing sugar or similar constituents. The improper digestion of carbohydrates increases the glucose content in blood. This results in passing urine containing glucose.

Improper digestion of proteins and fats may cause polyuria. In case this condition aggravates it may sometimes cause even death

Diabetes is common among obese persons. However, it does not rule out the possibility of lean and medium sized persons of being diabetic victims.

According to latest medical opinions there are three main reasons for becoming diabetics.

1. Hereditary

2. Obesity

3. Defective functioning of hormone glands

Ayurveda attributes the causes of diabetes to excessive consumption of food stimulating urination and flem, fragile food, cool food and confectionaries, all types of fatty foods, mutton, pork etc. sweets, sugar-cane juggery and stale food.

In addition lack of exercises, sleeping during mid-day, laziness, desire to relax frequently, Improper sitting habits, excessive consumption of liquor and mental stress and stain, tormenting thoughts have also been identified as causes leading towards diabetes. 

Furthermore, according to Ayurveda the neglect of the ailments under the twenty subdivisions may also cause diabetes. 

Consumption of the above mentioned food items in excessive quantities and unhealthy behavior patterns cause pollution of Vata (flatulence), Pitta (bile) and Khapa (flem). So called polluted Vata, Pitta, Khapa along with the essential components for the healthy existence of the human body pass-away through urinary passage. This leads to serious ailments. 

Symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive passing of urine, unbearable thirst, lack of sensitiveness, defects in eye-sight, tiredness may also be observed as a result of blood sugar. These are the most prominent symptoms of diabetes. 

A person suffering from diabetes may desire to stand still instead of walking and to sit when standing still or getting to bed when seated and go to sleep when lying on the bed. 

Diabetics tend to urinate very often due to the high sugar content in urine. This is one of the main symptoms of diabetics. The excessive sugar content in urine prohibits the proper functioning of kidneys. 

It is observed that the sugar content in urine of pregnant mothers may arise during mid-pregnancy. However, in most instances this is rectified after child-birth. This condition may persist in some instances due to several other physical reasons. 

Symptoms such as improper digestion, lack of appetite,  sleepiness, cough, severe pain in sex organs, fever, sore throat, heart pain and knee aches, lack of sleep, breathing difficulties have been diagnosed as the most prominent symptoms among diabetics.

Ulcers tend to occur in fleshy parts of the body of those who suffer from diabetes for a very long period. Such ulcers may even cause death sometimes. 

Very common complaints by diabetics is eye cataract, defective functioning of kidneys, cramps, aches and pains of limbs, lack of sensitiveness and the most dangerous being heart attacks.

Defects in the nervous systems are also frequently observed among diabetics. All these ailments require proper treatment, while these conditions could be eradiated to a certain extent by controlling diabetes.

There is no permanent cure for diabetes. However, if a person suffering from diabetes takes care in controlling the diet and the way of life and take proper treatment regularly he or she could enjoy a long life. A proper insight and maintenance is a must.

Strict care should be taken regarding dietary habits in addition to proper medication. Mental relaxation is also essential to combat this situation.